Anti-snoring surgery- pros and cons

anti snoring surgery

Surgery is often saved for the last resort by snorers, including me. There’s a lot of various types of operations, mostly modifying one of the structures in your air-passages, like soft palate, tonsils or uvula. The choice of operation usually depends on the doctor’s decision who should diagnose in what exact place your problem lays. So what is the difference between operation and other snoring remedies?

Good side

The biggest advantage is obvious- it is said to be the most effective way as it precisely eliminates the problem, like fixing your deviated septum which can the only reason of your snoring. In addition, the decision have to be consulted with the doctor, who will surely decide if the procedure is really necessary or not. The good diagnosis is the most important thing in every health problem.

Bad side

Before you decide to go under a knife, remember one thing- EVERY surgery can go wrong, which leads to two dangers- it might not give you the result you were hoping for, which means you will lose your money for nothing or, even worse you can suffer from some post surgery complications- in simple words it means that after the procedure your health can get worse than before it.

Personal view

To my mind, surgery is a good decision only if your snoring is SERIOUSLY bad or it is a danger to your health and all other options have been exhausted by you. In addition, single’s doctor diagnosis isn’t enough for me- I would go to one or two more doctors to see if they agree before making any final arrangements. Remember one thing- no surgery has 100% guarantee of success, so I suggest getting some more information on how to stop snoring naturally first. Did any of you went through such surgery? If you did, please write a comment and tell me if it helped!



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