Can a tennis ball be the answer?

anti snoring devices

Here’s another interesting theory that I’ve found recently- as you may or may not know one of the ways to stop snoring is to use an ordinary tennis ball!

How it’s done

All you need is to make first of your own home-made anti snoring devices is a your pyjama, a tennis ball, a needle, some sewing thread and a piece of cloth. You put the ball on the back of your shirt, cover it with a piece of cloth and sew it around in order to keep it in place nice and steady. “How is supposed to help me?!” you may ask- most of the people snore only when they are lying on their back and tennis ball makes it pretty uncomfortable so you wake up every time you switch to lying on your back while being asleep.

Personal experience

Let’s get one thing straight- I have no idea how to sew. I’ve asked my wife for help and she was pretty happy that I’ve changed my mind after trying out the singing technique. She made my PJ anti-snoring and I was free to give it a shot. Well, we had different views on the case in the morning. My wife said it was here “most peacefull night since forever”, but it was my worst one to be honest. The ball did its job- I woke every time I’ve started lying on my back. Not once. Not twice. To be honest I don’t know the exact number- I’ve stopped counting after seventh time. I woke up totally exhausted, just like I haven’t slept at all that night. Looks like my new pyjama is going to the bottom of my wardrobe. Well, I guess I shouldn’t give up and just keep looking for my final cure. Wish me luck!



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