Cure snoring by… singing!

how to stop snoring naturally

On one day of my never-ending journey in search of snoring aids, I’ve found something interesting- an article on some news website claimed that you can cure yourself by singing. You don’t get how to stop snoring by becoming a basement soloist? Let me explain.

Neck workout

As you probably already now, one of the reasons of people snoring are too weak throat muscles. An author tried to convince his readers that it can by changed by singing 20 to 30 minutes a day, which was supposed to strengthen the neck muscles in order to widen our throat airway, which reduces the air obstruction. We should repeat particular sounds that are the best for snorers (there are even some special training programs with CD’s for that!), but it is said that normal singing should also do the job.

Bad news for some people

Unfortunately, singing doesn’t works well for everyone- it works best for people who started snoring with age, not for those who are snoring because of some other reasons, like air-passages built imperfections.

Personal experience

When I’ve read the whole article I got really exited- that was the exactly the solution of how to stop snoring NATURALLY I was looking for. I’ve never felt too talented in singing, but I’ve started doing my best right away. However, I couldn’t finish my first 20 minutes singing routine as my wife came into the room asking me if I was insane. I’ve tried to convince her that my recital is for our whole family’s good, but when children took her side I gave up- looks like I have to find some other way. If you are a better singer or you live alone and your neighbors aren’t too aggressive- give it a shot and write a comment saying how it worked for you!




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