What causes snoring

General Information

You’ve probably came to my blog to find out some snoring remedies, but we can’t get this answer without knowing what really causes it.

Generally, snoring is the sound we make when our respiratory structures vibrate, two most important ones are uvula and soft palate- they are making us snore the loudest. If you don’t know what are those, see the picture below (uvula and soft plate are marked with the blue color).

how to stop snoring naturally

But what causes those vibrations? It’s obstructed movement of air during breathing. There can various reasons of such situation, including:

  • obstructions in your nasals (which can be caused by infections)
  • too little tension of your neck muscles, which make your throat close a little bit, narrowing your air-passage
  • too much fat around the neck, which can also make your throat collapse more than it should

…and many more, including alcohol and cigarettes, which make your neck muscles less tense, too.

Health Danger

Don’t forget that being noisy at night can also be the first symptom of a dangerous disease called sleep apnea, which stands for having many pauses in breathing at night (signs can sometimes be seen during the daytime, too). Untreated, it can cause diabetes, clinical depression, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and even a stroke! So if you are afraid that you may be sick- contact your doctor as fast as possible, luckily there are a lot of ways of treatment.

Snoring Remedies

There are a lot of anti snoring devices in the market who are told to widen your airways, like some mouthpieces for example, but I had one big problem with them- they were so uncomfortable that I couldn’t sleep at all. That’s why I’ve started my search for some natural snoring aids. You can see the results in my other posts. Enjoy! 🙂



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