Sleep Machine app review

My wife’s friend told my wife on some kind of their „girls night” that her husband used to snore too and that he stopped using some applications on his smartphone. Mobile snoring remedies? I was extremely curious.

Sleep Machine

First one that I tried out was Sleep Machine (I downloaded it from here if you would be interested). The application is designed just to play you some stereo sounds, which are supposed to get you more relaxed before going to sleep. I wasn’t sure if it would help me with my snoring problem, but I thought that it won’t hurt to try. In addition I saw a lot of positive reviews online, which convinced me to giving it a one night try. At last but not least- it’s free!

How did it go?

Well, I’ve mixed rain sound with “The Godfather” theme song- it sounds really nice, I recommend going to youtube and playing the song and rainfall at the same time. Next on the playlist were some waterfall and beach sound. The noises’ quality is really good. I’ve got to admit- I got pretty relaxed and fell asleep like a baby in no time.


I woke up fully rested and it good mood, I was very satisfied. However, it lasted until I got to the kitchen for breakfast and saw my wife’s eyes. I think I got lucky she was holding a spoon, not a knife at the moment, because I’m afraid it could end bad. As you probably already guessed- I was snoring like hell. She told it was even worse than usually and ordered me to delete the app immediately. Well, with my heart broken (I slept REALLY well), I did it. Maybe next time.

Have you tried this app? How did go? I’m waiting for your opinion!




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