Snorek app review

After my last try of an app connected with sleeping, my wife got one thing straight- next one will be designed for especially for snorers, no matter the price. I couldn’t do anything- I gave her the right to choose.

Snorek Snore Detector

“Snorek” is the application which detects when you snore and wakes you up with noise and vibration (she bought it here). You can choose the intensity and duration of vibration and the volume of the sound. Of course, my lovely spouse maxed it. Both vibration and noise. Well, I wasn’t too sure about this idea, but she plugged the headphones in, passed me the smartphone and turned off the light.

How did it go?

I’ve tried to sleep with headphones on my ears, I really tried hard. However, it didn’t worked out- I gave up after one hour of looking at my ceiling. I’ve unplugged the headphones, threw them under my bed and went to sleep leaving the application turned on.

Well, I can’t say it didn’t do its job well- it woke me up about 10 times that night. Unfortunately, not only me- my wife too. I guess I don’t have to say that she wasn’t happy about it? We talked about that in the morning and I promised her that I will try to fall asleep with my headphones on one more time.

That night I gave up after two hours. I took my headphones off, turned off the app and fell asleep in minutes.

Over the next week we’ve tried to find a level of noise that will wake me, but not my wife up. Unfortunately, it looks like my sleep is stronger that hers. This app didn’t solve the problem, too.

I start to feel afraid- my wife is getting DESPERATE to make me stop snoring.



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