Snoring and divorces

snoring and divorced

Recently, I’ve found an article about snoring’s connection with divorces. You can read it here:

I’ve got to admit that I was shocked after reading this. I’ve always thought that this can’t be a divorce cause, when two people love each other, they are couple, they have kids, it’s impossible to break up because of such a infantile reason. They can have some minor fights because of it, of course, but not decide to live their lives apart from each other. It even sounds stupid.

However, I’ve never looked at this issue from the author’s point of view. I’m talking about the part when he explains how sleeping together build in-relationship intimacy and strengthen up the marriage. I’ve always considered my snoring as my little disadvantage, but now it looks way more serious in my eyes. I could say that it opened my eyes and I am even too scared to ask my wife what she thinks about it right now.

Anyway, what’s your opinion on that? Do you agree with this article? Do you think your wife could leave you because you are a snorer? Have you ever considered divorcing your snoring husband? Let’s start a discussion, can’t wait to read your comments!



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