About me

Hello, my name is Steven and I’ve made this blog to help other people answer one big question- “How to stop Snoring?” as I’m struggling with this matter myself and I go through tons of information’s about the subject and I’m looking for one cure that will help me with my issue and will finally make my wife stop complaining about my “night concerts”. Unfortunately, when I try to find out snoring remedies, most doctors and web pages advice me to get an operation which should deal with my problem once and for all. However, operation is pretty expensive and invasive – you are in pain for the next week and you can eat almost nothing. Furthermore, every operations can lead to dangerous health complications and even death if something goes terribly wrong. That’s why I want to know how to stop snoring naturally. One hundred years ago there were no anti-snoring surgeries and not all the people were snorers, were they?

I make a new post every time I gather even a handful of useful information on a particular topic connected with snoring and I hope that with some feedback from comments I will be able to edit my posts and to extend the subject. I will try to update the blog as often as possible, but unfortunately, same as everyone I’ve got some professional and private life I have to take care of everyday, including buying flowers to my exhausted after the next sleepless night wife, I bet you know this pain 😉

So if you want to find out the same thing, join me in my search and please leave me a comment to one of my posts if you will find out something interesting on the topic. We will surely more likely to succeed and finally find out how to stop snoring together!

snoring aids


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